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​Manufacturer ofveterinary drugsand feed additives

In the realm of animal care, our commitment to the well-being of our furry companions is paramount. At OÜ GWSWA, we specialize in the development and production of cutting-edge veterinary medications designed to address a spectrum of health needs in animals. Our products embody the fusion of scientific expertise, innovation, and a deep passion for enhancing the lives of our beloved pets. Here's a closer look at the range of veterinary medications we offer:

The company «OLKAR-AgroZooVet-service» – a manufacturer of veterinary drugs and feed additives №1 in Ukraine.

Founded in 2003, feed additives №1 in Ukraine. Founded in 2003, quality products for veterinary medicine and agriculture.

Products are exported to more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia and the Arab world.

The range of products includes more than 1000 items of our own production. We №1 in the world on the range of veterinary drugs.

OLKAR - AgroZooVet - service

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